Covid-19 Risk Assessment Week Ending 22 November 2021

There is alarming Covid-19 news this week for Buckinghamshire. The number of infected people is RISING FAST again after the ‘half-term dip’, and the number of people in Bucks hospitals with Covid-19 has JUMPED by a quarter. Deaths are remaining constant. The risk of catching Covid-19 when out and about in Bucks remains VERY HIGH. As we go into the winter, the pandemic in Bucks remains a very real threat to the NHS and to everyone.

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The UK medicines regulator has approved a new medicine to help people who catch the Covid-19 virus and are at risk of being very ill. The medicine, called Molnupiravir, attacks the virus itself and helps stop the virus spreading inside the body. This medicine is potentially really good news for people who are at risk of being critically ill with Covid-19.

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Week Ending 25th October 2021

The number of infected people in Bucks has jumped to a CRITICALLY HIGH level. Official data from last week shows that more than 1 in 48 people in Bucks is now infected with Covid-19, especially children and young people. Deaths and hospitalisations are also up sharply, with vaccinations (except of children) virtually at a standstill. BuDS urges everyone to STOP mixing with others, especially indoors, as much as possible. The risk of catching Covid-19 in Bucks has never been higher. Read on for more details.

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BuDS’ Response to the Government’s ‘Plan B’ Announcement

The Secretary of State for Health, Sajid Javid, has made a statement about the Government’s Covid-19 policy. Here are the key points.

Remember, whatever the Government do, you are in control of your own safety. BuDS is here to help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. This is quite a depressing and upsetting article: please be careful of your mental health and contact us or another support service if you need to.

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