Any money you are kind enough to donate will be used to cover costs that are vital to our operation. Currently these are limited to our office rent, insurance and volunteer expenses. Our trustees are not allowed to claim expenses! We aim to spend everything we raise supporting our numerous projects helping disabled people around Buckinghamshire.

FRSB LogoYou can donate money to support us in many ways.

  • Online Shopping through Give as you Live
  • Online Donations: BT MyDonate, Give as you Live donation and PayPal
  • Monthly recurring donations
  • Donate in Kind

If you can think of a new way we could accept donations or raise money then please contact our treasurer at

BuDS used to be a regulated member of the Fundraising Standards Board.

Online shopping

By shopping on line you can help us!  Sign up to Give as you Live and select BuDS as your chosen charity.  ShopsGive as you Live logo that you visit will give a percent of every transaction to BuDS via the Give as you Live site.  It costs you no more than you would have normally have paid, and we get a donation from the site as a thanks for you shopping there.


Please visit our signup page and register.  This way we’ll know who to thank for the money you raise whilst doing your normal online shopping.

If you don’t want to set up an acccount then please bookmark and start all shopping from there. We still get the money, but won’t always know who to thank.


Cash is always welcome!    We accept donations online and through the post. 

Online donations

We gratefully accept online donations through three sites:

The BT MyDonate site doesn’t charge to accept the money you donate through it.  We get almost all the money BT MyDonate logoyou are kind enough to donate.  The only reason we don’t get all the money is there are two charges levied by the card providers: A flat rate charge of £0.15 for debit cards donations and 1.3% for credit cards donations.

Give as you Live logoThe Give as you Live site used to donate through shopping also accepts donations.  They charge slightly more than the My Donate page and kindly offer a comparison table.

PayPal logoFor those not able to use the above options, we also accept donations by PayPal.  PayPal levy a charge for donations of 1.4% + £0.20 for every donation.

Cheque donations

We gratefully accept cheque donations through our office.

Please make cheques payable to BuDS and send your cheque to The Treasurer, BuDS, The Clare Charity Centre, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Bucks, HP14 4BF.


Monthly recurring donations

If you would like to make a regular donation to support BuDS, please contact our treasurer at and he will be happy to help you set up a standing order or direct debit.

Please note that BuDS will never approach you with the aim of getting a regular payment setup.  If you are approached by someone please let our treasurer know as soon as possible.


Donation in Kind

We will also gratefully accept donation in kind.  If you have particular skills that you are able to offer outside of pure volunteering or anything else then please get in touch at

Examples of Donation in kind that we have been extremely grateful for include:

  • Our office equipment including computers are all donated
  • Auditing of our accounts
  • Free or Discounted licenses for software

If you’re interested in helping out in your spare time please have a look at our volunteering page.

Thank you!

We really appreciate any donations.  As mentioned elsewhere on the site we are entirely volunteer run and receive no grants.  Without your kindness we wouldn’t be able to continue our purpose of helping disabled people of Buckinghamshire.  Finally if you have any free time and would like to help – please get in touch!


Fundraising Standards Board

FRSB Logo copyBuDS used to be a regulated member of the Fundraising Standards Board, and is accountable for our fundraising. We promise to always be honest, open and accountable in our fundraising, helping you to give with confidence. We do not use paid fundraisers or contract out fundraising.  For more information, visit

Should you have any issues or concerns about how BuDS or someone claiming to represent BuDS is raising money, please contact our treasurer at

Should you wish to complain about anything to do with BuDS please see our Feedback page.