International Human Rights Day 2021

Today is Human Rights Day. BuDS is committed to disability rights. That means we defend and promote the absolute right of disabled people to live, work and play like everyone else. We don’t want pity or charity doled out to us or to be ‘looked after’ – we want our rights to live independently and not to be disabled by society.

Removal or weakening of human rights law affects disabled people more than most other groups, because we have to fight for our rights more often and in more areas. If the Government goes ahead with its plan to abolish the Human Rights Act, to leave the European Charter of Human Rights or to write a new ‘Bill of Rights’, we will join with others to defend the rights of disabled people.

The 2021 BuDS AGM

After an extremely successful year, BuDS held its Annual General Meeting on 20th November 2021, to round up the year, and celebrate the achievements of our volunteers, Trustees and staff.

The meeting was held via Microsoft Teams, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, starting at 3pm and finishing at 4.45pm. The AGM was attended by 23 members and 12 guests.

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International Day of Disabled People 2021

Happy International Day of Disabled People!

The world has come a long way since the forced institutionalisation of disabled people in the early 1900s, but there is obviously a long way still to go. This year, International Day of Disabled People is focused on fighting for rights in the post-Covid era.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard, and reductions in health services, financial uncertainty, and health concerns have affected disabled people a lot.

Although we are not quite yet in a post-Covid world, as our weekly updates will show you, BuDS strongly believes that we should always be striving to make places as accessible as possible.

With this in mind, we would like to tell you about some of the work that we have been doing to help fight for better accessibility for disabled people in Buckinghamshire during the Covid-19 pandemic, and hopefully beyond.

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BuDS AGM 2021

Your chance to learn more about us and get involved!

The BuDS Annual Meeting for 2021 will be held online at 3 pm on Saturday 20 November. This isn’t a stuffy meeting but a celebration of all we have done in this extraordinary year. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get involved in our work.

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BuDS and a Year of Success

Consistently providing accurate and reliable information 

Here at BuDS we thought it was about time we paid homage to our wonderful trustees, volunteers and staff members who have dedicated their time to keep our projects running and our community supported through such uncertain times. Over the past year many organisations and charities have struggled to adapt to the developing situation. Of course, there are many success stories, and we think we are one, so please indulge us while we blow our own trumpet! 

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