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The IAG team works tirelessly to produce easy to read, fact-checked and reliable articles about issues relevant to disabled people. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these have included weekly risk posts which break down the latest case, hospitalisation, death and vaccination statistics; analyses of Government policy, and scientific updates about the coronavirus. To read these posts, please see below or visit our Facebook page using the button below:

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Week Ending 11th October 2021

The risk of meeting an infected person while you are out and about in the Bucks community has RISEN AGAIN for the fourth week in a row (to 10 October) and is still VERY HIGH. The number of patients in local hospitals with Covid-19 is also slightly HIGHER. The pandemic in Bucks is steadily getting WORSE and so we continue to urge everyone to stay extremely ‘Covid-Careful’, and to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Read on for more details.

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Week Ending 4th October 2021

The risk of meeting an infected person while you are out and about in the Bucks community is SLIGHTLY HIGHER than last week (to 4 October) – still VERY HIGH. The number of patients in local hospitals with Covid-19 is slightly LOWER, though STILL HIGH. The pandemic in Bucks is NOT getting any better and so we continue to urge everyone to stay extremely ‘Covid-Careful’, and to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Read on for more details. 

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Parklife 2021

Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS) regrets to announce that it will not be present at, or supporting, the Parklife Festival in Aylesbury on 28 and 29 August. Our own Covid impact assessment for this event shows that the Parklife event would lead to hundreds of people becoming infected with Covid and, as a disability charity, we could not in any circumstances support an event which credibly might lead to hundreds more people becoming ill or disabled. BuDS has formally asked the event organisers to cancel their event in the interests of public health, but they have declined to do so.

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Meeting Safely Out Of Doors

Even with the high numbers of people infected with Covid-19, BuDS is not recommending that people go back to or continue shielding. By shielding, we mean completely self-isolating yourself and never meeting other people. We recommend that everyone – even extremely clinically vulnerable people – think about their mental health and continue to meet family, friends and loved ones safely out of doors. This article by the expert BuDS team provides the fact-checked information you need to help you meet people safely out of doors.

If you need help or support or you’re anxious about Covid-19, BuDS is here for you. Please e-mail buds-support@buds.org.uk, call 01494 211179 (voicemail) or message us and we’ll do all we can to help.

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Risk Post Statistical Methods Explanation

The BuDS Weekly Risk Assessment posts have been an integral part of our response to Covid-19 for over a year. To remain as transparent as possible, the Covid-19 statistics team have prepared the following summary of how we form the figures and conclusions described in the posts. We hope this will give a better understanding of how our numbers are reached.

BuDS’ Covid-19 research team is made up of qualified professional people including a statistician and a clinical epidemiologist. We take very great care to make sure that we only provide you with fact-checked, accurate information. The end of this article has links to all the sources that we use to get this data. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the information at the end of the article and we will be happy to explain more.

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Long Covid July 2021 update

It’s VITAL that everyone knows about LONG COVID, long-term conditions that over a million people have developed after catching the Covid-19 virus. The Government and media are saying that precautions to stop people catching Covid-19 can be abolished because vaccination means only a small number of people will have serious symptoms. However, the Government have not mentioned the EQUALLY important risk to people’s long-term health from Long Covid. But BuDS cares about your health, and we think you need to protect yourself against Long Covid too. Read on to find out more.  

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Summary of Covid-19 Test Accuracy

People have been asking about the ‘lateral flow’ testing now being used across the UK for students, workers and volunteers. So, our researchers have done this handy guide for you. BuDS has used only reliable scientific and medical sources to write this article and it has been reviewed by our expert team, which includes a clinical epidemiologist.

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Covid-19 Test Accuracy

How accurate are the ‘lateral flow’ or ‘rapid flow’ Covid-19 test kits used by schools and workplaces and now being offered to people across the UK? BuDS’ expert team has looked at a range of scientific evidence so that we can give you some reliable, fact-checked, information. This information relates to England only.

This is a long article, and deals with complex material and statistics. If you would prefer to read a shorter and simpler version of this article, please use this link: https://buds.org.uk/covid-19-test-accuracy/ or use the contents below to jump to our ‘What Does This Mean For Me’ summary.

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