Back in the Saddle – Land’s End to John o’Groats

Back in 2013, apart from having a few allergies and intolerances I was a healthy, energetic, and fit individual who was always on the go and nothing stopped me.  I would think nothing of going for a 110-length swim, then a 6 mile walk and then going for a 20-mile bike ride with the family later in the day.  Our summer holiday that year involved the whole family cycling 222km along the C2C, Whitehaven to Tynemouth route.  It was a fantastic holiday of fresh air, sunshine, adventure and great companionship.  It wasn’t without its challenges though, especially as my 12-year-old daughter came off her bike really badly on the second to last day.  The pair of us ended up in A&E having her concussion treated.  However, after patching her up, cobbling together replacement clothing, purchasing a new cycle helmet and getting the ‘all clear’ from the doctors, we re-joined my husband and son and completed the final leg of the route the next day. 

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