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How BuDS Can Help

Buckinghamshire Disability Services (BuDS) offers a range of services to help disabled people in Bucks. You can read more about these below. 

As well as helping individuals, BuDs also works to fix the big issues which affect all disabled people, like employment, discrimination, transport, accessibility, benefits and attitudes to disability. We aim to build a Fair4All society where people with impairments or medical conditions are not disabled by the barriers put in their way by society.

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Information and Advice

BuDS can provide information and guidance on a very wide range of subjects, including accessibility, inclusion, Covid-19, employment and work, disability rights, discrimination, care and health services, hate crime, Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and much more. We have a number of dedicated ‘information, advice and guidance’ (IAG) projects to help and support people with high quality, reliable and friendly support.



We publish a lot of helpful information and guidance on this website and on social media, and we also have an Enquiries Team who can help with individual queries. Remember, BuDS is not paid to provide this help and most of the work is done by volunteers, so please be patient. We will respond as soon as we can.

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Covid-19 Information and Advice

BuDS is the only Bucks charity producing high quality, fact-checked and reliable information about the Covid-19 pandemic and how it is affecting disabled people in Bucks. Our Covid-19 IAG project is still running and producing lots of helpful information. We can also help with individual Covid-related questions.

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Emotional Support – BuDDies

BuDDies are BuDS volunteers who will call you regularly for a chat. The calls are not therapy or counselling, just friendly conversation. You can talk about things that are troubling you, or just have a social chat. We will try to match you with a volunteer that suits your needs and the calls can be as often or as infrequent as you like, or just a one-off.

BuDDies can communicate with you in whatever way suits you best. If you prefer messaging or texts rather than a phone call, or video calling rather than phone calls, that’s no problem. We can arrange BSL video calls too. We hope to introduce face-to-face meetings when it’s safe to do so.

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Hate Crimes and Incidents

Disabled people are sometimes subject to abuse, insults or physical violence because of their disability. BuDS is here to confidentially support you if you are a victim of this sort of disability hate incident. If you choose to report it to the police, BuDS can also support you and help you through the process.

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The Fair4All Card Scheme

The Fair4All Card Scheme is a secure photocard that helps disabled people access services and reasonable adjustments in the community. The Card proves you are a disabled person legally entitled to support. By showing the Card, you can help shops, services and organisations understand how best to help you.

For more information or to apply for the Card, please visit the Fair4All website by clicking on the button below:



The Reach4Work scheme supports disabled people over 16 towards work or further education. You join BuDS as a volunteer and we help you develop, gain experience and learn the skills you need to enter a modern workplace, college or university. We provide a lot of training in things like CV writing and going to interviews, and you have a personal advisor who is with you all through your time with us. There are no time limits or deadlines and you go at your own pace. Reach4Work is open to all disabled people in Bucks whatever their disability, impairment or medical condition.


Reach4Work Digital

Reach4Work Digital is part of Reach4Work and aims to help disabled people who would like to work in the digital industry, such as websites, apps, coding, databases etc. You join as a BuDS volunteer and work on real digital projects, often alongside industry professionals who can share their insight and skills. Reach4Work uses the Agile way of working which is used in the digital industry. You get all the same support as you do in the main Reach4Work project as well as support around digital skills and ways of working.

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Volunteering For BuDS!

Volunteering for BuDS is a great way to meet friendly, like-minded people and enjoy working together as part of our inclusive community. We are very flexible and there isn’t a fixed number of hours or length of time that you have to do. Anyone can volunteer for BuDS and disabled people are especially welcome. We pride ourselves on being able to find a role for everyone, whatever their circumstances.

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