Covid-19 Alert – 1 July 2022

The number of Covid-19 infected people in Bucks continues to increase quickly, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released today (1 July 2022). Infection levels started to increase 3 weeks ago, and are still increasing very rapidly. The third wave of Covid-19 this year is growing far faster than predicted, and looks at this stage as if it could be as bad as or worse than the previous two waves.

It is important to remember that Covid-19 is NOT mild – it is not the flu, or a cold. While most vaccinated people will not need to go into hospital, Covid-19 can still make vaccinated people very ill at home. Also, of course, if you catch Covid-19, you run a risk of developing serious post-Covid conditions, or permanent damage to your organs and brain.

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June Update – Reach4Work

Our Reach4Work Digital Team are continuing to make more and more progress with the Reach4Work and BucksWorkability websites, they are making improvements on the development sites, these then get approved by the board of Trustees and they pushed to the live site when ready and authorised. We are also working with the App Building Team to create an Events App for BuDS, which is an exciting project that we are looking for more volunteers for.

In June, we are still looking to get more referrals onboarded with the team are looking for bright new young disabled people to come and volunteer with us and hopefully find paid work once they have built their confidence and skills set during their time with us.

The Reach4Work Team are there to help support these volunteers, whether that is by doing our 6-weekly Independent Development Plan with them, or through CV Workshops, or Interview Techniques workshops.

If you would like further information or to refer yourself or someone you know, please email

June Update – IAG Enquiries

So far this month, our small team have helped with 11 queries that have come in. Some are still on going due to the complexity of the issue.

The queries vary from accessibility issues that the public have raised to us, help with disability case law and assistance in dealing with work issues that fall under the Equality Act 2010.

If we can’t  answer ourselves we will always signpost you to a local or national service we know will be able to help you.

We are in need of volunteers to support this service, if you have knowledge of disability laws, housing, accessibility or benefits, we could use your support. Please email

June Update – IAG BuDDies

We are looking for BuDDies!  We currently have a waiting list of disabled members looking for a BuDDy, if you think you would be suitable for this volunteering role, please get in touch using the details below. 

We are still looking forward to the year ahead and are making sure we think about how we can expand to support more people within Buckinghamshire when we are able to. The BuDDies team works hard to make sure that we maintain an accessible service, offering sessions in a variety of different ways, such as video calls, phone calls and BSL.

If you are interested in becoming a BuDDy please email, or if you are looking to become a member to be matched with a BuDDy please email

Covid-19 Risk Assessment: Week Ending 27 June 2022

The THIRD wave of 2022 continues to impact Bucks. Although cases have remained roughly the same, the number of people in hospital with Covid-19 has SOARED, and the risk level remains EXTREMELY HIGH. You need to continue or start being Covid-Careful.

The new variants of the Covid virus making up this third wave have evolved to avoid any immunity you may have from vaccination or having caught Covid-19 before. Even if you are fully vaccinated, or have had Covid-19 before, you are still vulnerable to catching it again. Every time you catch Covid-19 increases your chances of being very ill or developing Long Covid, so it is IMPORTANT to protect yourself now, even if you haven’t been Covid-Careful up until now.  

Our advice is to wear a FFP2 or N95 filter mask in public places, breathe clean air, avoid crowds and busy places, work from home if you can, and protect your older and vulnerable relatives and friends. These simple precautions may save you and your family from serious illness or possibly long-term disability.

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Preparing to transition to university

Tips for preparing to transition to university.
Work out what your personal limits are and try not to fight them.
Try to find an accommodation type that works for you.
Give yourself time to adjust and get familiar with your surroundings.
Check what support is available and get in contact with them.
Find out what sports, societies and extra-curriculars are on offer.

Making the change from sixth form or college to university can be quite daunting, especially as it is often the first time you’re moving away from home.

I’ve done first year twice, doing two different courses at two different universities so I’ve got a lot of experience of what did and didn’t work for me when I went to university as an autistic student. Here are my five top tips for things you can do now to start preparing to transition to university.

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Video Transcript 20th June 2022

The video version of our latest weekly Covid-19 update can be found below with an attached transcript suitable for screen readers.  

WORRYING news, as Bucks sees a massive 44% increase in Covid-19 infections in only a week. The next wave of Covid-19 is arriving much quicker than expected, and BuDS has raised the risk level back up to EXTREMELY HIGH. 1 in every 39 people in Bucks had Covid-19 as of 11 June, and the risk is almost certainly even higher today. 

This video and transcript explain the full risk post for the week ending 20th June which can be read here: 

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DPO Conference 2022

On Friday 24 June 2022, BuDS addressed the inaugural DPO (Disabled People’s Organisations) Annual Conference about the Covid-19 pandemic and its implications for DPOs. The conference was online, open to all, free of charge, and accessible for all disabled people, with subtitling, BSL interpretation, and other access features.

You will need to read the speaking notes alongside the PowerPoint presentation slides. We are working on producing an integrated presentation, which will be easier to use. If you need material in another format, or support accessing it, please contact us.