Back in the Saddle – Update 12

As you can see, I have finally made it to Oxford. Only ‘slightly’ behind schedule. On to Bicester next and then up the M40 to Stratford-Upon-Avon! Hopefully the police won’t object to an exercise bike very slowly being moved along the motorway.

Towards the end of the summer holidays I had managed to increase my daily distances to 3-4km a day. That’s still a bit below what I was able to do before my fatigue flare started, but much better than I had been managing.

Unfortunately, just one week of work set me back quite a bit again, and so I must gradually start the rebuilding process once again. However, John o’Groats isn’t going anywhere and I’ll get there eventually.

Really proud that, despite everything that this year has thrown at me, I am still going and am now 1/3 of the way through my challenge. Solid proof that even the tiniest amounts of daily progress can still help you achieve a gargantuan long term goal.

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Thanks for the support and encouragement that I have received so far. It’s much appreciated.