About Fair4All Events

Disabled people are often excluded from outdoor public events. This is not because they do not want to attend these events, but because the way the event is organized and staged creates barriers that make it difficult or impossible for them to attend. BuDS’ free-to-use Fair4All event project helps event organisers remove those barriers and attract more disabled people to their events, making them more successful. There are over 40,000 disabled people in Buckinghamshire and over 100,000 families with a disabled member, so being more accessible can significantly boost an event’s popularity and attendance.

Event organisers are often not aware that they are creating barriers which are reducing the appeal of their events. Event management training and qualifications do not usually cover disabled accessibility and inclusion. Disabled people are so used to events not being accessible that most do not even try to attend, which means event organisers do not see the difficulties that disabled people face.

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Week Ending 9 May 2022

The cautiously good news about Covid-19 in Buckinghamshire continues, with the number of infected people falling and the pressure on hospitals easing too. BUT this is a fall from an extraordinary high peak, so the risk of catching Covid when out and about in Bucks is still EXTREMELY HIGH.

BuDS still urges everyone to be Covid-Cautious and keep taking sensible precautions against catching Covid. The chances of coming across a person with Covid in your everyday life is still EXTREMELY HIGH. Wear a FFP2 or N95 filter mask in public places, breathe clean air, avoid crowds and busy places, work from home if you can, and protect your older and vulnerable relatives and friends.

BuDS will let you know as soon as levels start to fall to safer levels where precautions can be relaxed.

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April Update – Neurodiversity and Learning Disability

What is the Neurodiversity and Learning Disability Project?

It has long been recognised that people with Neurodiversity and Learning Disability often struggle to get their health and social care needs met. Which in turn may impact severely on people’s health and social life, which will ultimately effect their quality of life. This new project within BuDS helps to address some of these issues.

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April Update – Fair4All Events

The Fair4All Events Project has been relaunched in the last couple of weeks and we are exploring ways to make events around the local area work for everyone involved in a safe environment.  We are currently staffed by existing members of BuDS working on other projects in the organisation and are seeking to expand the project with volunteers.

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April Update – Fair4All Card

The last month has been a busy one, with lots happening in the team. We were sad to see our Project Enabler Alicia leave us after a year of working with us. She has moved onto an amazing new opportunity with Bucks Business First, and will be collaborating with us in her new role! We are also pleased to say that she will be staying with us as a volunteer!

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