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The BuDS stand at the Towersey Festival 2023. The blue and gold BuDS flags and banners are seen in the middle of a busy festival scene with blurred images of people in the foreground and background.

BuDS Annual Meeting 2023

Your chance to learn more about us and get involved!

The BuDS Annual Meeting for 2023 will be held online at 3 pm on Saturday 13 January 2024. This isn’t a stuffy meeting but a celebration of all we have done in this extraordinary year. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get involved in our work. This year, we are also making some big changes to evolve BuDS so that we can help more people.

If you need any help to attend the AGM because of a disability or medical condition, please let us know now, and we’ll be happy to provide it for you. Just drop us an e-mail at or call 01494 211179, and we’ll sort everything out so you can enjoy the AGM like everyone else.

The meeting has live captions which anyone can turn on. The presentation will be published online just before the meeting, and will include alt text for all images. Additional individual support will be given on request, but please give us notice.

How to Attend

The BuDS Annual Meeting for 2023 has now taken place, and details will be available shortly. The link to the meeting has been removed from the website to reflect this.

The meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams. If you’re not familiar with this system, just drop us an e-mail at or call 01494 211179 and we’ll talk you through it.

To attend the meeting please click the link below after 2.45pm on Saturday 13th January, which will open the meeting. You will go into a waiting room until the meeting starts. Once the meeting starts, we will welcome you and ask you to complete a short registration form. This helps us identify who are guests and who are members of BuDS who can vote.

Sadly, because threats have been made over social media to interrupt the meeting, precautions have been put in place to prevent disruption. These will be explained when you join.

An info-graphic advertising the BuDS Annual Meeting 2023. Text reads: "What date? Saturday 13th January 2024. What time? 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Where is it? Online - on Teams. Come and find out all about the amazing things BuDS has done in the last year, and what our plans are for 2024!"