Support Volunteers

Support volunteers work directly with disabled people to help them with their individual needs and remove barriers which prevent them from moving forward. This work suits empathic, caring and committed people who want to help others in a professional way.

We are currently recruiting the following Support Volunteer roles:

Volunteer Team Enablers

Working inside BuDS as part of the wider ‘HR’ team, you would support BuDS volunteers to help them move forward in their volunteering and personal journey. This could include mentoring young people in their first working environment, supporting people who are anxious or insecure, and encouraging team work and peer support.  This role would suit patient and caring people with life and working experience who are keen to share their skills and help others to move forward.

Reach4Work Mentors

Many BuDS volunteers are disabled people looking to get a job or move closer to work. Some are young people finding their way forward, others are people who have acquired a disability recently and having to rethink their future. As a Reach4Work mentor, you will be paired with one or two of our jobseeker volunteers to support them through regular mentoring sessions. This role would suit caring people with experience of the world of work who are keen to support others to move forward in their careers and work journeys.

Enquiries and Advocacy Volunteers

Disabled people contact BuDS with a wide variety of issues, and we try to help them with information, advice, guidance and where necessary advocating on their behalf with service-providers, employers and public bodies. As an enquiry and advocacy volunteer, working within our professional and organised service, you will be able to choose the enquiries or people you can best support. This role would suit determined and compassionate people who know how the world works, who want to support others and remove barriers which prevent people moving forward.

Welfare Rights Volunteers

Disabled people must fight for the support they are entitled to from the DWP, housing providers, councils and the NHS. BuDS wants to support disabled people with the difficult problems which other agencies like CAB cannot easily help with. This role would suit people with a good knowledge of one or more aspects of the welfare rights system who want to support others and help people get the help they are entitled to.

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