Buckinghamshire Council’s Specialist Teaching Consultation 2021

 If you are the parent of a SEND and/or EHCP child, you’ll want to respond to Buckinghamshire Council’s Specialist Teaching Service Consultation. The Specialist Teaching Consultation could mean big changes for the way your child is supported in school or college. The deadline is Sunday 9th January, so please don’t delay.

The Explanation Document linked below has been written by our new Fair4All Education team to explain the Consultation. It will tell you:

  • What the consultation is about.
  • What the specialist teaching service does at the moment.
  • What the Council would like to happen to the specialist teaching service next.
  • What it will mean for children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) and/or Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP).
  • How to respond to the consultation.

Please read the Explanation Document carefully, then respond to the Consultation using the button below.

Please send BuDS a copy of your response (you may need to screenshot it). You can email us using this link or send your response to our Facebook page here.