April Update – IAG Enquiries

Whilst we have not officially launched out enquiries service yet, our small but dedicated team continues to answer queries from members and professionals across Buckinghamshire on a range of topics.

We are handling a number of enquiries currently, and we pride ourselves in being able to support members with a range of enquiries, including housing, benefits, accessibility and local help, disability, and general law and covid.

If we can’t answer ourselves we will always signpost you to a local or national service we know will be able to help you.

We are in need of volunteers to support this service, if you have knowledge of disability laws, housing, accessibility or benefits, we could use your support. Please email volunteering@buds.org.uk

April Update – Comms Team

The Comms team has been hard at work behind the scenes this month. From volunteer-led training sessions about making graphics, to small group meetings about creating interactive materials, we’ve been very busy teaching our volunteers about how to make content to share with you on social media and on our website.

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April Update – IAG BuDDies

This month the BuDDies team is reflecting on the past year as we will be coming up to nearly a year of supporting disabled people across Buckinghamshire. We have 2 longstanding matches which have supported those members to becoming more independent and helped to alleviate isolation and loneliness. This month, our volunteers have already spent over 12 hours supporting our members.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and are making sure we think about how we can expand to support more people within Buckinghamshire. The BuDDies team works hard to make sure that we maintain an accessible service, offering sessions in a variety of different ways, such as video calls, phone calls and BSL.

If you are interested in becoming a BuDDy please email volunteering@buds.org.uk or if you are looking to become a member to be matched with a BuDDy please email buddies@buds.org.uk

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Week Ending 2 May 2022

Some cautiously good news about Covid-19 in Buckinghamshire, as it looks as if we may be coming to the end of the latest wave caused by the Omicron BA.2 variant. BUT there are new variants queuing up to replace BA.2, so the current fall in infection levels won’t last very long. And, even with the fall, the risk of catching Covid when out and about in Bucks is still EXTREMELY HIGH. Sadly, Bucks hospitals remain full of Covid patients and Covid deaths remain high.

BuDS urges everyone to be Covid-Cautious and keep taking sensible precautions against catching Covid. Wear a FFP2 or N95 filter mask in public places, breathe clean air, avoid crowds and busy places, work from home if you can, and protect your older and vulnerable relatives and friends.

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Face Mask Offers

Wearing a protective face mask which filters the virus out of the air you breathe is one of the two best ways to protect yourself from Covid (the other is being fully vaccinated). Now BuDS is able to offer all disabled and clinically vulnerable people everywhere in the UK exclusive discounts on these vital masks.

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FACT Bucks – Is It Working?

FACT Bucks is a charity set up and funded by Buckinghamshire Council to collect the views of parents and carers of SEND children and young people. Because FACT Bucks has such an important role in SEND education in Bucks, BuDS’ Fair4All Education project has conducted a poll asking parents and carers how well represented they feel by them. The results of this poll are summarised below – read on for more.

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