About Fair4All Education

The Fair4All Education project tackles the most important educational issues facing disabled children and young people, and their parents/carers, in Bucks.

This project was launched in 2021 and is still in the early stages of development.  Volunteers are forming a ‘working community’ of professionals, parents, carers and disabled young people who are passionate about making a real difference. Working under the BuDS umbrella, the Fair4All Education team will work together to define an agenda for action and plan how change will be made to happen.

Current areas of work are listed below but more will be added as the team and project develops.

  • Research:
    Research, including surveys, will find out how well Buckinghamshire Council and schools are supporting disabled and SEND children Comparisons will be made with other counties to see how Buckinghamshire is doing and what areas can be improved. Research will be published and recommendations for change made.
  • Information:
    Complex information will be analysed and published in easier-to-follow ways, for example information about the SEND application and appeals process. A library will be built of accurate easy-to-read guides for busy parents and carers and for disabled young people themselves.  Signposting information and a directory of local and national support groups and useful websites will also be published.
  • Recognising Good Practice:
    A new Fair4All Education award scheme will recognise excellent SEND education in Bucks, helping inspire other schools and colleges to achieve best practice
  • Highlighting Areas for Improvement:
    Research and feedback from children, young people, parents and via an anonymous ‘suggestions box’ will identify areas where improvement is needed, whether in Council policy and practice, or in schools and colleges. Improvement reports and recommendations will be published and taken forward with the Council or education setting.

If you would like to volunteer to join the Fair4All Education working community, please click here:

To arrange a no obligation chat with a member of the team, please e-mail: volunteering@buds.org.uk.

We welcome disabled young people over 16, parents, carers and SEND and education professionals. The identity of team volunteers is protected and no-one outside BuDS know their names or participation. All volunteers receive a BuDS e-mail and Teams access and work from home at times suitable for them.