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Work Choice scheme

The “Work choice” scheme has now closed for new applications.  If you are already getting support this will continue.

The “Work Choice” scheme can help you get and keep a job if you’re disabled and find it hard to work.  The type of support you get depends on the help you need. It might include: – training and developing skills; building confidence; interview coaching.

There are 3 levels of support, for differing lengths of time: Work Entry: Up to six months support: advice on work and personal skills to help you find work;  In-Work: Up to two years to help start work and stay in a job;  Longer-term In-Work Support: Longer term help to get on in your job and work without support

To qualify for Work Choice you must be able to work at least 16 hours a week after Work Entry Support, have an impairment that means you find it hard to get or keep a job, and need specialist help that you can’t get from other government programmes or schemes (including Access to Work.)

You can apply for Work Choice if you have a job but are at risk of losing it because of a disability. This also applies to self-employed people.

For more information and access to the scheme, speak to a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Job Centre Plus