Voting as a disabled person

Voting is a fundamental human right and central to democracy. That’s why BuDS helps to make sure that all disabled people in Buckinghamshire are able to vote just like everyone else, either by post or in person as they themselves choose.

However, many disabled people find that they can’t vote or find it difficult. Barriers to voting for disabled people range from inaccessible polling stations to unhelpful staff.

If you are a disabled person, please complete our short anonymous survey (only 3 mins!). You can do the survey whether you voted or not- in fact we’d be particularly interested to hear from anyone who couldn’t vote because of a disability or impairment. Click the link below to access the survey.

Survey – Voting as a Disabled Person

BuDS will use the survey results to persuade district councils in Buckinghamshire, who arrange elections, to improve how they run future elections.

Voting in 2014

In May 2014, BuDS ran a similar short survey so that disabled people could let us know about their experiences of voting. The survey suggested that:

  • About half of disabled people in Bucks liked to vote in person at a polling station, with the rest using a postal vote
  • About a fifth of disabled people reported some difficulties in voting
  • Of disabled people voting at a polling station, the most common problems were being unable to put the voting paper into the box and being able to get to or get into the polling station
  • Of disabled people using a postal vote, most people had no problems but some had problems getting the voting papers into the post

To see the complete 2014 survey results, click here