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BuDS is a mainly volunteer charity and we rely on volunteers to do all our work. In this current situation Covid-19 (coronavirus), we need more volunteers than ever. Please e-mail [email protected]

At the moment, BuDS is recruiting:

Coronavirus Researchers – people to fin

d out the vast amount of information that disabled and vulnerable people need during this crisis, ranging from when supermarkets are open to how to apply for benefits. All you need for this role is internet access and e-mail, and some time on your hands.

Web Design – people to help keep our website up to date with accurate information. This suits people with some web design experience.

Social Media Moderators – people to moderate and contribute to our Facebook groups and help manage our busy Twitter account. For this role, you need to have some social media experience

HR Co-ordinators – people to help us manage our ever-increasing volunteer numbers. For this role, you should have some personnel or HR experience and a current DBS certificate.

Project managers – people to manage a project within BuDS, working with other volunteers and Trustees. For this role, you should have some project management experience and, ideally, knowledge of MS Planner.

Befrienders – people to phone, e-mail and maybe videochat with people who are in self-isolation and help them cope with anxiety and loneliness. For this role, you should have a current DBS certificate and some experience of working with people.

How Does It Work?

We will get in touch and invite you to a telephone or video chat with us to talk about the role and how you can help. These chats are taking place throughout the week.

BuDS uses Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. We give you a free e-mail address which means you can use all the MS Office programs online (Word, Excel, Planner, etc). You also get free access to MS Teams, which we use to message and video-chat with each other. We work together in teams and you’d be added to a team to work with other people. Everyone has a line manager to guide the work and offer support, and we can offer training in all the software.

Being a BuDS volunteer does not affect any benefits you receive because we are registered with DWP. We welcome disabled people with any sort of disability or condition.

BuDS volunteers on video conference

BuDS volunteers on video conference

How to Apply

Please e-mail [email protected], saying which role you are interested in and telling us a little about yourself. Please include a contact number.

General Volunteering Info

To read more about volunteering at BuDS under “normal circumstances; Click here