Video Transcript 28th March 2022

The video version of our latest weekly Covid-19 update can be found below with an attached transcript suitable for screen readers. 

The Covid-19 EMERGENCY in Buckinghamshire has got worse. As of 19th March, an astonishing 1 in 13 people in Bucks have Covid-19 and schools, public services and workplaces are struggling to cope. Bucks hospitals are filling up with even more Covid patients and deaths are now increasing too. 

This video and transcript explain the full risk post for the week ending 14th February, which can be read here:  

Bucks Covid-19 Emergency – week ending 28th March. 

1 in 13 people in Bucks now infected with Covid. Cases are still rising. 

Coming up: masks, vaccination, reinfection, being Covid careful. 

Vaccinations do lower your risk of dying or being seriously ill from Covid, but vaccinations don’t stop you from getting Covid. 

Using high quality masks and vaccination help you stay safe and protect those around you. 

We are partnering with Airinum to offer a 60% discount to disabled and clinically vulnerable people. They are £23.90 with the discount

The masks remove 99.9% of viral particles from the air. They are airtight, reusable and certified PPE 

Many viruses, including HIV, don’t cause a lot of “bad” symptoms at first but they can go on to have severe or life-threatening health impacts. Covid can cause long-term illness and widespread organ damage even if you have “mild” symptoms. Getting Covid more than once means you have a higher risk of developing a serious health condition. 

Covid-19 is not a simple flu or cold. Please be Covid Careful. 

We know that sometimes you may not have a choice in the places you have to go, but we want to give everyone an equal chance to be Covid Careful. 

  • If you haven’t got a high quality mask, please consider getting one with our 70% discount. 
  • Encourage people you know to get vaccinated, including boosters. 
  • Where possible, avoid or limit spending time in crowds and busy indoor places. 
  • If you can, work from home and home educate students from a clinically vulnerable household.

Omicron BA.2 is now the main variant in the UK and we predict it to keep cases high until the start of May.

Remember, more cases means more hospitalisations. If there are too many people in hospital, the NHS will be overwhelmed and patient care will suffer. 

Please encourage everyone to stay Covid Careful. Remember: something is better than nothing – try to do what you can. 

Read the stats on the full post:  

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