Video Transcript 21st March 2022

The video version of our latest weekly Covid-19 update can be found below with an attached transcript suitable for screen readers.

There is now a Covid-19 EMERGENCY in Buckinghamshire, with the virus out of control and infection rates soaring. Reliable ONS data shows that as of 12 March, a staggering 1 in every 15 people in Bucks has Covid-19. People are going sick in huge numbers, and schools, public services and workplaces are struggling to cope. Older and clinically vulnerable people are catching Covid in larger and larger numbers, despite taking care.

This video and transcript explain the full risk post for the week ending 14th February, which can be read here:

Bucks Covid-19 Emergency – Week ending 22nd March

We’ve been saying for weeks that cases are still rising. The Government finally agree.

As of 12th March, there were 1 in 15 people infected in Bucks. It is likely even higher now

On 6th March there were 577 people in hospital with Covid-19. While this is a decrease from previous weeks, it’s still very high. To compare, 499 people were in hospital with Covid-19 on 13th February. With more cases we expect rapid increases in hospitalisations in the next few weeks.

At least one person has died of Covid in Bucks every day for the last four weeks. With more cases, this is sadly likely to increase too.

The Government has accepted that cases are rising, but don’t wait for them to change legal restrictions.

You MUST protect yourself.

  • Test regularly
  • Get triple jabbed
  • Remote educate
  • Shield if clinically vulnerable
  • Use N95 or FFPE2 mask
  • Work from home
  • Ensure ventilation
  • Meet outside.

Vaccinations, boosters and FFPE2 or N95 masks are all easy ways to protect yourself.

We have partnered with Cambridge Masks to offer a 70% discount to disabled and clinically vulnerable people. Masks are £7.48 with the discount.

The masks remove 99.6% of viral particles from the air, and they are airtight, reusable and certified PPE.

This week, there could be this many infected people in these towns:

  • High Wycombe: last week there were 4963, this week there are 7892
  • Aylesbury: last week there were 2481, this week there are 3946
  • Amersham: last week there were 1120, this week there are 1781
  • Chesham: last week there were 1105, this week there are 1757
  • Buckingham: last week there were 620, this week there are 986
  • Burnham: last week there were 470, this week there are 747

This week, there could be this many infected people in these public places:

  • Large public event: last week there were 827, this week there are 1315
  • Busy town centre: last week there were 414, this week there are 657
  • Busy shopping centre: last week there were 41, this week there are 66
  • Busy supermarket: last week there were 12, this week there are 20
  • Large school: last week there were 62, this week there are 99

Fast Facts:

  • You can get Covid more than once
  • Booster protection is decreasing
  • Omicron spreads quickly indoors

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