Video Transcript 21st February 2022

The video version of our latest weekly Covid-19 update can be found below with an attached transcript suitable for screen readers.

Today, the Prime Minister says that it is “time we got our confidence back” and “Let us learn to live with this virus.” But in the real world, here in Bucks, an extraordinary 1 in 21 people in Bucks STILL have Covid-19. Today, BuDS is warning everyone that the Prime Minister is WRONG. The pandemic in Bucks is NOT OVER and you still need to protect yourself against Covid-19.

This video and transcript explain the full risk post for the week ending 21st February, which can be read here:

The Government says the pandemic is over… Now for the truth. 

Cases, hospitalisations and deaths are still increasing in Bucks. 1 in 21 people infected in Bucks. Covid is not over. 

499 people were in hospital with Covid-19 on 13th February and at least one person dies of Covid in Bucks every day. 

The Government is ending legal restrictions. Don’t be complacent. You must protect yourself. 

  • Get vaccinated 
  • Use N95 masks 
  • Filter your air 
  • Work from home if possible 
  • Limit contacts 
  • Test while you can 
  • Meet outside 

The Government says it’s over. Why are we saying it isn’t? Reported cases don’t show the full picture. Random sampling does. 

Fast facts: 

  • You can get Covid more than once 
  • Booster protection is decreasing 
  • Omicron spreads quickly indoors 

This week, there could be this many infected people in these places: 

  • How many infected people in Aylesbury? – 2,791 
  • How many infected people in High Wycombe? – 5,582 
  • How many infected people in Amersham? – 1,259 
  • How many infected people in Chesham? – 1,243 
  • How many infected people in Buckingham? – 698 
  • How many infected people in Burnham? – 528 
  • How many infected people (adults or children) in a large school? – 70 
  • How many infected people in a busy town centre? – 465 
  • How many infected people at a large public event? – 930 
  • How many infected people in a busy shopping centre? – 47 
  • How many infected people in a busy supermarket? – 14 

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