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Unitary Status in Buckinghamshire

BuDS exists to protect the interests of all the 41,000 disabled people in Buckinghamshire. Disabled people rely much more than non-disabled people on council services, particularly adult social care services. For that reason, BuDS has taken a close interest in the debate about whether Bucks should have one, or two, ‘unitary’ councils rather than the current County-District structure.

Our volunteer researchers have examined the single-unitary proposal produced by Bucks County Council and the two-unitary proposal produced by the 4 Bucks district councils, and we’ve also met with the project teams from both sides. You can read our conclusions set out in our e-mail to the Secretary of State – Unitary Status in Buckinghamshire – e-mail to SofS.

You can also read our media release here Media Release – Buckinghamshire Disability Service criticises both unitary proposals

This is yet another way in which BuDS Fair4All Services project helps all disabled people in Bucks. If you value our work, consider making a donation to support it, or could you volunteer your time?