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Thrift Farm is a Buckinghamshire County Council-run project in Buckinghamshire which provides training and support for nearly 70 people that are learning disabled or have mental health issues. Recently, Bucks County Council announced it was planning to close Thrift Farm and sell the land. You can find out more about Thrift Farm here and about the plan to close it here.

BuDS opposes the plan to close Thrift Farm. We think the Council has not done enough to find out about other ways that Thrift Farm could be run, without costing so much. We also think the Council hasn’t looked at working with other councils and charities to change how Thrift Farm works.

You can read BuDS’ full response to the Council’s plan and our press release by using the links below. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Hedges on [email protected].

BuDS response to the threatened closure of Thrift Farm – April 2019

PRESS RELEASE – Planned closure of Thrift Farm would be ‘catastrophic failure’