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Short Breaks for Disabled People

A disabled child enjoying playing with her mum in the BuDS sensory tent. Buckinghamshire County Council is currently asking for comments about its ideas for providing ‘short breaks’ for disabled people and carers.

You can find out more about this here.

BuDS has consulted disabled people and carers and we have sent a response to the Council. Our main points are:

  • That the Council is saying that all activities which a disabled person might do are ‘short breaks’, but actually they should only be counted as a break if the carer of the disabled person gets a break too
  • The Council are saying disabled people should go to mainstream social and leisure activities as their first choice, but also admitting that most of those activities are not accessible for disabled people. BuDS thinks the Council should say how they are going to help make those activities accessible before saying that disabled people should choose them first.
  • We want both disabled people and carers to be assessed for their need for a ‘short break’ and, where possible, the short break for the disabled person and the carers should be planned and coordinated together, so that the break works for both the disabled person and the carer.
  • We want the Council to include the transport costs of getting to a short break to be included in the cost of the break, because obviously a break that the disabled person or carer cannot actually get to is not a break at all.

You can download our full response by using this link: BuDS Comments on Draft Short Breaks Strategy.

BuDS has also issued a press release about this: Press Release – Disability Charity Calls for Changes to Council’s Ideas

Please let us know what YOU think about this issue by e-mailing Ann, who heads our learning disability project, on [email protected]. Thank you.