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Please stop hurting our disabled bays!

A question for you all:

Why do we always lose Blue Badge Bays (BBB) whenever there is building work going on?

I popped into World’s End Garden Centre (http://www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/garden-centres/Worlds-End/2A) this morning as they have a Costa, and it was on my way to work.  The problem was they had filled over half their BBB with items for sale.  There was some building work going on and guess what got sacrificed! (Note – if I had charge on my phone this morning there would be lots of pictures!)

After chatting to two of the staff, lovely ladies, it emerged that there was alternative parking for BB but there were no signs.  And on the way out there were 2 cars without the requisite badges parked in the alternative!

I am not picking on World’s End as they are generally very helpful and I’ve had more than one trolley of plants and compost put into my boot for me.  Rather I’m using this example to highlight how even with the best intentions we still need a bit more thought.  They  took the suggestions about signing and enforcing seriously and I hope to see the changes there next time.

I propose all organisations with Blue Badge Bays consider the following before taking them over- what have I missed?

  • Are there other bays that could be used instead?
  • Do you need
    • to display that much merchandise during the works?
    • that much space for storage?
    • ……….
  • Is there alternative parking for BB holders?
  • Is it clearly signposted?
  • Is parking in the alternative – blow that – any disabled parking monitored & enforced?

None of us enjoy the fact we have a BB as we struggle to walk, so please don’t take away the bays we use to access things.

They would have lost a sale  and future custom (£00’s each year) from me had I not got into one of the remaining spaces today.

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