New Homeworking Support Grant to Help Clinically Vulnerable People in Bucks

We’d like to share some fantastic news if you are a Buckinghamshire worker who’s clinically vulnerable to Covid-19. There’s a new grants scheme coming soon which can fund your employer to help you work more successfully from home. The grants, of up to £2000, can fund technology, training or new IT and software.  You can find full details here: Read on for more information.

Note that it is for your employer to apply for the grant, not you. We appreciate that not all employers are sufficiently committed to home working to do this, or you may not feel able to raise it with your boss. Because we’d like as many clinically vulnerable people as possible to benefit from this grant, we’ve teamed up with Bucks Business First to offer you some extra options.

  1. You can approach your employer direct, tell them about the grant, and work with them to apply for it so you can get the support you need to work more flexibly and from home. OR
  2. You can give BuDS details of your employer and we will work with BBF so that one of their business advisors contact your employer direct to tell them about the fund and the help available. OR
  3. You can let BuDS know that you are having problems at work, and we will contact you to see how you we can help. This might include talking to your employer about the grant or about wider issues, or putting you in touch with specialist employment support.

If you’d like to use option 2 or 3, please complete this short, secure form: