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Insight Polls: Impact of Coronavirus in Bucks

The BuDS Insight project is a series of polls and surveys to independently establish the impact of coronavirus on disabled people in Bucks and generate information which can be used to improve services and ensure disabled people are properly supported during the pandemic
The People’s Poll Panel

The People’s Poll Panel is a verified group of over 50 disabled people or carers of disabled people in Bucks which is broadly representative of the 40,000 disabled people in the county. The panel is asked to complete the same 7 questions every week to build up a picture of the changing impact of coronavirus on this group. 

Click the links for the full reports:

Insight People’s Poll – Report for wc 25 May 2020

Insight People’s Poll – Report for wc 8 June 2020

Insight People’s Poll – Report for wc 15 June 2020

Analysis of the data from six successive weeks of responses from broadly the same poll panel shows clear trends.

The latest poll shows that practical and emotional needs are not met among disabled people in Buckinghamshire. It is alarming that some were in crisis, either from food, money shortage or poor mental health. In the recent two weeks, over half of disabled people needed help from outside bodies, yet some needs have not been addressed.

The main message, providing adequate support for food, finance and mental health, for Buckinghamshire policy-makers and service providers for this week is the same as the
previous week. However, the BuDS Insight Poll Panel emphasises:

  1. Signpost the existing supporting mechanisms for those who experience a crisis in obtaining food, finance or mental health.
  2. Fast track support for disabled people who are in such a predicament.
  3. Follow up those who asked for help.

For a copy of the poll in other formats, contact us

Care Home and Providers Poll

All Bucks residential care homes, nursing homes, supported living settings and care services have been asked a series of questions to build up a picture of the impact of coronavirus on this group. This poll will be repeated weekly to build up a picture of how the impact is changing. 

Data from the first care homes and providers poll is still coming in but suggests that, so far, Buckinghamshire care homes and services have been badly impacted by coronavirus but have been able to cope relatively well.
Nearly a fifth of care homes and services in the poll had sadly seen fatalities from coronavirus.
Most care homes and services reported that residents, staff and operations have been significantly impacted by coronavirus, with less than a fifth reporting no impact on residents, for example. However, all but a small minority of homes and services (8%) reported that they had enough equipment, PPE and staff to cope, although most had just enough to do so.
There are signs, however, that care homes and services need more outside help than they are currently receiving. 75% reported that they needed outside help during the pandemic so far, a high percentage. More worryingly, of those needing help, less than half received all the help they needed.
These are early trends, however, that will need confirmation as polls continue.

Click link to read the full report of the initial poll so far: Insight Poll – Care Homes and Services – wc 25 May 2020