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If you are in arrears of rent . . .

Comprehensive information about what to do is available from Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.
If you are faced with eviction for rent arrears it is important to take whatever steps you can to prevent this from happening. Remember, it may be difficult for you to find a new place to live if you have been evicted elsewhere for rent arrears.

• Let your landlord know as soon as possible that you are struggling with your rent.
• You should then start budgeting so you can work out a repayment plan.
• Check that you are claiming the benefits you are entitled to, such as Housing Benefit and any Disability Benefit.
• Try and reach a written agreement to continue paying your rent, plus any arrears you owe. This will normally stave off any threat of eviction; however, if you break this agreement, your landlord can take steps to evict you.
Seek expert advice, either from Shelter or locally as soon as possible, as eviction procedures vary, depending on your tenancy arrangement