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High Risk People Should Start Self-Isolating – 1 October

The Covid-19 pandemic is becoming more and more dangerous for older and disabled people every day.  The number of people infected with the virus, the number of people going into hospital and sadly the number dying are all growing steadily. Despite this, with the encouragement of the Government, life is still going on largely as normal in many areas – lots of people are still going out for meals and drinks, going to work, attending schools and universities, and so on. This is partly because, for most people, catching Covid-19 will not make them very ill, so they don’t see the need to take precautions.

BuDS feels this ‘business as usual’ approach by most people is stopping some people who ARE at high risk from Covid-19 from protecting themselves properly. It might be that high risk people aren’t realising the true risk to their health and life because the world is going on much as usual. Or it might be that high risk people feel they can’t take precautions for themselves if others aren’t doing so, for example high risk people who are expected to go into work because everyone else is still doing so. Or, sadly, some people may feel overwhelmed by the situation and are making bad decisions about their own safety.

Whatever the reason, BuDS is today warning everyone who is at higher risk from Covid to radically change their behaviour NOW to protect themselves, if they have not already done so. Although the Government has not yet re-started formal shielding, BuDS feels higher risk people do need to start to self-isolate themselves for their own safety, if they have not already done so.

The groups most at risk who should be changing their lifestyle to protect themselves include people aged over 50, people who were advised in the past to shield because of a medical condition, and people who are clinically obese.

If you are high-risk for Covid, you should not be living a normal life. You need to stay at home as much as you can and avoid contact with other people as much as possible. You especially need to avoid people who are more at risk of being infected with the virus because they meet a lot of other people. You should even keep away from members of your own family who meet a lot of other people, such as students and workers, because they might easily give you the virus. If you go to a workplace or are at school or university, you should be very seriously asking yourself whether it safe for you to continue doing so.

Remember, most people who catch Covid-19 do not get very ill or show any symptoms at all. But they can still give the virus to you and, if you are high risk, you could be seriously ill or even die.

It’s particularly important for higher risk people who don’t start to isolate themselves to keep correctly wearing a face covering or mask, washing their hands frequently, keeping 2 metres away from other people, and not meeting people who are outside of your household indoors.

Finally, please do remember that a Covid-19 vaccine *will* be developed, so better times *will* come. There will be tough weeks and months ahead, but there is an end in sight. We all need to take care and support each other so we are around to enjoy those better times when they arrive. Stay hopeful!


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