BuDS feedback procedure

We are open to learning if we make a mistake and we urge anyone who has any complaint or constructive criticism to get in touch as described below.logo (1)

BuDS is registered with and regulated by the Fundraising Regulator, and is accountable to them for our fundraising. We promise to always be honest, open and accountable in our fundraising, helping you to give with confidence. We do not use paid fundraisers or contract out fundraising.  Our complaints procedure is compliant with FRSB standards. For more information, visit www.fundraisingregulator.org.uk

  1. Anyone with a complaint or constructive feedback about anything to do with BuDS should contact any one of the three Officers (Chair,Secretary or Treasurer).  If you are not sure who to contact, please contact the Secretary.
    1. None of the Trustees will be involved in a complaint in which they have any personal interest.
  2. All complaints will be promptly acknowledged and investigated by the person who receives it.  This will lead to two possible outcomes
    1. If the complaint is justified, then a report will be made to the Board of Trustees who will decide what should be done.  The person that raised the complaint will be informed of any action taken.
    2. If the complaint is not justified, then the complainant will be told why this is the case.  The Board of Trustees will be informed of the outcome.
  3. If the complainant is unhappy at this stage, they may ask for the Board of Trustees to review the matter.
  4. Should the complaint still be deemed to be not justified, the complainant may ask the Trustees to refer the matter to a person unconnected with BuDS for that person to take an independent look again at the matter.  The Trustees have discretion in this matter.
  5. The independent person will let the complainant and the Trustees know what they have decided. The Trustees will normally follow the independent person’s advice unless there is a compelling or legal reason not to do so.