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Fair4All Services is one of BuDS’ biggest projects. We aim to defend and improve the services that disabled people rely on, like NHS services, care from their local council, social housing from housing associations, and private care or nursing homes. BuDS is a charity of disabled people and we are very well connected within Buckinghamshire and beyond, so we know how cuts and changes to services affect disabled people all the time. We try to be a constrictive critic for the NHS, councils and companies, helping them to understand how disabled people feel, what we want, and how service-providers can improve what they do. We offer our insight and help free of charge, so price isn’t a barrier.

BuDS has worked very successfully on joint projects with Bucks NHS Trust, Bucks County council, the district councils, housing associations and charities and groups paid to provide services. We always like to work in partnership where we can. Where an organisation refuses to engage with us, however, we will actively campaign to defend disabled people’s interests until they do start listening. Sadly, with cuts building up all the time, too many organisations start hiding behind defensive statements and vague promises, so BuDS has to act to find out the truth and make organisations be honest with disabled people.

There are lots of individual projects running under Fair4All Services. Click on the link (if there is one) to learn more:

There are lots more projects than this which do not yet have a web page.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us.  Why come and join the friendly BuDS team helping protect disabled people?