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  1. About the Fair4All Card
  2. Current Endorsers
  3. The Aylesbury Town Centre Pilot Scheme
  4. How to Apply 
  5. Fair4All Card Partners
  6. How Fair4All Card Partners Can Help Card Holders
  7. Become a Fair4All Card Partner
  8. Raising Complaints
  9. Feedback 
  10. Contact Information 

About the Fair4All Card

The Fair4All Card is a physical, secure, photocard that can be issued, free of charge, to disabled people in Buckinghamshire who need to be able to definitively establish their exemption from lockdown regulations. The Fair4All Card will help disabled people access exemptions, services and facilities reserved for them, and help to avoid unnecessary conflicts with service providers.   

The Fair4All Card will list specific exemptions and adjustments that the holder is entitled to, based on the evidence and BuDS’ expert opinion.

In order for the card to have the credibility that other schemes may lack, the Fair4All Card will have a secure and thorough application process including the production of sound evidence, run by expert disabled people within BuDS. Each card is the size of a regular credit card and will have a photo of the person for security. (Please note the card is not a legal form of identity).  

Current Endorsers

The Fair4All Card scheme has the support of Thames Valley Police and police officers and PCSO’s will be briefed on the card scheme, so that they will recognise it if you show it to themBuDS will also be working with shops, service providers, security services and others, so they do not question the right of a card holder to adjustments and exemptions. However, please remember you can still claim reasonable adjustments and exemptions without a card.  

The Aylesbury Town Centre Pilot Scheme 

To begin with, from 1st November, we are running a pilot scheme in Aylesbury Town Centre, with up to 75 people using the scheme, to iron out any kinks. To do this, we will be issuing around 75 cards to disabled people who are frequent users of Aylesbury Town CentreWant to join in? Scroll down to ‘Apply for a Card’. 

Helped by Aylesbury Town Council, BuDS will be working with companies, organisations and services to make sure they recognise the Fair4All Card, and know what to do when they meet a card holder. This will take a little time, so don’t be surprised if the card isn’t recognised at all places. You will be able to let us know about places that do not recognise the card (see feedback form below), and BuDS will try to include them in the scheme.

Applications for the pilot scheme are now open! Early in 2021, BuDS will review the scheme, and hopefully open the Fair4All Card scheme up to all disabled people in Bucks who want to take part, as well as signing up new partners across the county. 

How to Apply 

At the moment, you can only apply for a Fair4All Card if you are a disabled person who regularly uses Aylesbury Town Centre and want to take part in our pilot project. However, any disabled person in Buckinghamshire can apply for a Letter of Authority (which is like a card, but written as a letter). To apply for a Letter of Authority, please use this link

If you would like to take part in the pilot scheme in Aylesbury and you are currently a Letter of Authority holder, click here to apply for the pilot scheme. You will have the opportunity to update the information you have already provided. If you do not need to provide any new information, we ask that you fill in the form to let us know that you would like to be issued a card in place of your Letter of Authority. 

If you do not have a Letter of Authority, but would like to apply for the Fair4All Card to take part in the pilot, please click here to access the form. We will ask you to submit evidence to support your application.

If you can’t apply online, please call 01494 211179, leave a message, and someone will call you back to fill in the form with you. 

Fair4All Card Partners

A Fair4All Card Partner is a public facing company, service or organisation who voluntarily commit to recognising the Fair4All Card and providing reasonable adjustments to card holders.

The names of Fair4All Card Partners will be added here from 1st November.

How Fair4All Card Partners Can Help Card Holders

BuDS will support and train Fair4All Card Partners so that they understand the exemptions and reasonable adjustments that disabled people need, and are entitled to in law. The Fair4All Card will list specific exemptions and adjustments that the holder is entitled to.

 These exemptions and adjustments can include 

  • Helping with difficulty with social distancing 
  • Understanding that the card holder cannot wear a face mask/covering  they are exempt in law 
  • Providing alternative communication methods in place of lip-reading 
  • Understanding that the card holder may react strongly to other people breaching restrictions 
  • Providing alternatives to one-way systems 
    • For example, a route that avoids stairs, a shorter route to the desired location, using a different exit 
  • Provide seating or allowing queue exemptions for people who cannot stand for extended periods of time 
  • Allow the card holder to be accompanied by a carer 

If another lockdown is introduced, the cards will be useful for people who: 

  • May need to exercise outdoors multiple times a day 
  • May need to be driven to local familiar places for exercise 

Become a Fair4All Card Partner

If you are a service provider who is interested in becoming a Fair4All Partner, please click here to register your interestand BuDS will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Raising Complaints 

As a Fair4All Card holder, you will be able to register a formal complaint about a Fair4All Partner who fails to recognise the card or provide you with the reasonable adjustments and exemptions you are entitled to.

Fair4All Partners will also be able to register a formal complaint about the abuse or misuse of a Fair4All Card.

Links to the complaints forms will be added here after 1st November.


To give us feedback about the Fair4All Card pilot scheme, please click here to access the form. Both positive and negative feedback is welcomed. Your feedback will allow us to improve the scheme for disabled people across Buckinghamshire. 

If you need to make a formal complaint about Partners failing to recognise the card or provide adjustments/exemptions, or misuse of a card, please use our complaints forms.

Contact Information 

If you have an inquiry that is not covered on this website, please email [email protected] or leave a voicemail on 01494 211179 and will we do our best to respond within 5 working days.