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The Fair4All Card scheme has its own website, where full information, sign-up and more can be found. The site can be accessed using this link: Fair4All Card – Security, Inclusion, Access.

About the Fair4All Card

The Fair4All Card is a physical, secure, photocard that can be issued to disabled people in Buckinghamshire who need to be able to definitively establish their exemption from lockdown regulations. The Fair4All Card helps disabled people access exemptions, services and facilities reserved for them, and helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts with service providers.   

The Fair4All Card lists specific exemptions and adjustments that the holder is entitled to, based on the evidence and BuDS’ expert opinion.

In order for the card to have the credibility that other schemes may lack, the Fair4All Card has a secure and thorough application process including the production of sound evidence, run by expert disabled people within BuDS


More Information

For any enquiries about the scheme, please email [email protected]