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Designated parking space abuse

I am unfortunate enough to struggle walking much at all.  Thankfully our supportive society offers the Blue Badge scheme.  This means that there are spaces available within a short distance of where I need to go.

A while back there was a very interesting article in the Bucks Herald  that prompted me to write this entry: – http://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/more-news/updated-mum-calls-for-permit-system-to-stop-drivers-abusing-parent-and-child-parking-spaces-1-6759231

I share her frustration about misuse of Parent s & Child spaces (though my kids are too old to use them now) but as I still encounter regular Blue Badge space abuse at any car park that does not have an active patrols, what hope do we have for the Parent & Child spaces being respected?

In case anyone doesn’t know what the requirements are for a blue badge, here’s a rough overview;

  • In receipt of Higher level DLA or Enhanced PIP in the mobility section
  • A permanent or substantial disability which means they are unable to walk more than 50 metres
  • An adult with severe upper limb disabilities
  • Registered as blind or severely sight impaired
  • Has a child over two with considerable walking difficulty and may have bulky equipment
  • A war pensioner with substantial walking difficulties
  • Adults with a person with a various disabilities, including mental disabilities.

So not all reasons behind having a Blue Badge result in a visible disability.

Please leave all designated bays free for those that need them.  You ‘just using it for a second or two‘ doesn’t really cut it as I or someone else needing that bay may drive past in that ‘second‘ and then not stop as you’ve possibly taken the last bay.  Rejoice that you are able to walk that bit further than us ‘Blue Badgers’ are and get a short and free exercise session in.

I’ll happily trade my blue badge in for the ability to go for long walks in the countryside and walk that bit further in a car park.

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