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Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Disability Reduction Scheme
This is a national scheme covering a resident in a household who is “substantially and permanently” disabled,  and who requires

  • an additional room to meet essential needs, or
  • a second bathroom or kitchen for their needs,or
  • additional space to use a wheelchair indoors.

In these circumstances,  Council Tax may be reduced by one valuation band (e.g. from D to C).  If appropriate, the reduction can be backdated for up to 6 years.  Apply to your local Council.


Council Tax Reduction scheme (sometimes known as Council Tax support)
Each District Council is responsible for its own Reduction Scheme (which is not restricted to disabled people), so some details may vary depending on where you live.  This scheme replaces  the former Council Tax Benefit.   Apply to your local Council for a discount.
If you qualify, the amount normally depends on:

  • your particular circumstances (residency, benefits etc.)
  • your household income (including savings, pensions)
  • if other adults or children live with you

Note: It is very important to pay any Council Tax which has been assessed, as Councils have a legal duty to collect it, and non -payment may be pursued through the courts and could lead to seizure of property.