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Coronavirus and Well-being

This page has links to expert advice and tips about coping with the current crisis, from reputable organisations.  You may find some of these helpful.  If you find others that have helped you, please let us  know.


NHS:  “Coronavirus and mental well-being.” Extensive expert advice and practical tips on mental health and well being, including further links

Mind: “Coronavirus and your well-being”. Advice and help if you are anxious or worried about coronavirus,  distancing or isolating yourself.

CarersUK: “Protecting your mental well-being”. Tips to help carers and those they care for, look after themselves and protect their mental wellbeing.

CALM: “A little help to get through these weird times”. Tips for coping in a difficult period for younger men and anyone else.

Child Mind Institute (USA): “Supporting kids during the Coronavirus crisis”. Tips and advice for keeping children healthy and occupied

Mental Health Foundation: “How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak”. Expert tips and advice on a broad range of related aspects

BBC News: “Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health. For everybody”.

Rethink Mental Illness: “Managing your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak”. Especially for people with mental health issues.

Student minds: “Guidance and resources”. Guidance and links, particularly for students and young people.

Mental Health Foundation: “How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.” Extensive tips for different circumstances, including for older people.