New Variant of Covid-19 – B.1.1.529

Scientists are warning that a new variant of the Covid-19 virus has started to spread very fast in South Africa. The new variant, codenamed B.1.1.529, seems to be much better at spreading that even the Delta and Delta Plus variants we have in the UK now. This means that, when the new variant reaches the UK, there is a risk that it will replace Delta and Delta Plus as the variant which most people catch. Obviously, if the new variant is also more dangerous to people’s health than Delta and Delta Plus, this would be very concerning.

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Christmas & New Year Break

Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire lit in purple for Christmas

BuDS will be having a break over Christmas. Everyone in the charity has worked so hard all year and we are encouraging all our Trustees, staff and volunteers to have a proper rest.

The break will begin from Saturday 18th December until we return in 2022 on Tuesday 4th January.

During this period, messages, e-mails, social media comments and other enquiries will not be routinely answered, although we will still pick up anything which is genuinely urgent or essential. Please respect our holiday break period and wait until 4 January to get in touch with us if you can.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Week Ending 22 November 2021

There is alarming Covid-19 news this week for Buckinghamshire. The number of infected people is RISING FAST again after the ‘half-term dip’, and the number of people in Bucks hospitals with Covid-19 has JUMPED by a quarter. Deaths are remaining constant. The risk of catching Covid-19 when out and about in Bucks remains VERY HIGH. As we go into the winter, the pandemic in Bucks remains a very real threat to the NHS and to everyone.

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Disabled People in Bucks – Healthy Lifestyles

Buckinghamshire Council is reviewing how it helps people in Bucks have healthier lifestyles, such as exercising more or eating a better diet. We want the Council to understand how hard it can be for disabled people to change their lifestyle. We want to persuade them to provide the right services to help disabled people. We’ve set up our own poll so that disabled people can have their own voice.

We would be really grateful if you could answer this poll and help us collect the information we need to change the Council’s mind. It takes only a few minutes and it’s completely anonymous, so we won’t know who has replied. Parents and carers can answer for their children or people they look after.

Thank you for your help – together we can make Bucks a better place for everyone, including disabled people.


The UK medicines regulator has approved a new medicine to help people who catch the Covid-19 virus and are at risk of being very ill. The medicine, called Molnupiravir, attacks the virus itself and helps stop the virus spreading inside the body. This medicine is potentially really good news for people who are at risk of being critically ill with Covid-19.

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