Back in the Saddle – Update 11

Thankfully it wasn’t far from Salisbury to Stonehenge, so I’ve already reached my next checkpoint on my exercise bike challenge. It’s going to be a while before my next update as I need to get all the way up to Oxford and that’s 110km away. Should be there by October though.

I’m glad this is a virtual challenge, I’m not sure I’d take a real bike up the A34! I guess I could at least take a break at Chieveley services like we used to when we did collections and drop offs of the kids with my parents…

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Back in the Saddle – Update 10

Still slowly pedalling on with my exercise bike challenge. Just made it to Salisbury. I’m now 25% of the way through my virtual journey from Lands End to John o’Groats.

Obviously still very behind – 466km to be precise. The red marker, just beyond the half way point, shows where I should be by now, if I were to try and reach the finish by my original target of 24th January 2022. However, life does like to throw extra challenges at us all and over 20 weeks (so far) of fatigue flare has definitely been a whopping challenge for me this year.

John o’Groats will still be there when I do eventually get there. I shall continue to channel my inner Dory and just keep pedalling… pedalling, pedalling… pedalling, pedalling, pedalling, pedalling…

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Back in the Saddle – Update 9

Yippee! I’ve finally made it to Ringwood! The hare and the tortoise approach is working well. I really don’t mind how far behind schedule I am, because I know I will get there eventually. I’m especially proud of keeping going yesterday and today, bearing in mind swimming might have been a better option! Nothing quite like a burst in a mains pressure water pipe, a non-working stop cock and sorting the ensuing mess that all causes to add to the gaiety of nations…

On to Salisbury I go now…

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Back in the Saddle – Update 8

5 months and 4 days after I started my daft quest of completing the virtual Lands End to John o’Groats challenge on my exercise bike, and despite my ongoing fatigue flare, I have now made it to Bournemouth! If I’d managed to keep to my 5km a day target, I would be up past Leicester by now. However, life had other plans for me this year. I am proud to say though, that I haven’t missed a single day so far, and even a 0.25km distance achieved chips a little bit off the overall distance. I will get there eventually.

My next unofficial target is to get to Ringwood. I’m sure I will receive a warm welcome when I get there.

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Back in the Saddle – Update 7

I have finally made it! Just 47 days behind when I thought I’d get there, but yes, I am now finally at Durdle Door! This may be one of the slowest journey’s from Lands End to John O’Groats, but it’s not about the speed. It’s about persevering and eventually achieving the goal, despite all the obstacles that life tries to throw in the way.

Next stop is Bournemouth. Thankfully that’s only just over 36km away. I wonder how long that will take me?

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Back in the Saddle – Update 6

I thought it was about time I did a bit of an update about my exercise bike challenge to cycle the equivalent distance from Lands End to John O’Groats. Unfortunately, I’m rather behind due to my continuing fatigue flare. However, I am still going. I’m not getting very far on any one day, but I am still chipping away at it. So, like the famous tortoise, I will get there eventually. I might not quite manage it within the year, but that’s absolutely fine.

Another 40km before I get to the next postcard point at Durdle Door, where I should have been on about 10th April. I’ll let you know when I get there…

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Back in the Saddle – Update 5

Hopefully, slow and steady will still get me to my goal eventually. My daily distances have been severely curtailed for the last couple of weeks, so still a fair way to go until the next postcard at Durdle Door. However, every slow turn of the pedals gets me a little further along the route. I shall keep persevering…

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Back in the Saddle – Update 4

Yesterday I reached my next checkpoint on my Lands End to John o’Groats exercise bike challenge. I’ve got to Plymouth! That’s 150km done now in the first 33 days. The next check point isn’t until Durdle Door and that is another 200km away. I reckon that’s about 43-44 days away, so should get there at some point in April!

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