BuDS’ Reaction to the Prime Minister’s Comments on Vaccination in Bucks

The Prime Minister was quoted today (24 January) as saying that the main reason why people are not vaccinated is apathy, as reported by the Bucks Herald.

BuDS does not agree with the Prime Minister when he says that apathy is the main reason for people not being vaccinated. We believe that people are not getting vaccinated for a number of reasons, but the main one is the active campaign of misinformation, mistruths and lies spread by well funded pressure groups and supported, sadly, by many politicians and journalists.

The Prime Minister did not acknowledge that he himself is part of this campaign of misinformation. Only as recently as 18 January, the Prime Minister himself compared Covid-19 to the flu. This is completely false, and contributes to people not getting vaccinated. BuDS fears that the Prime Minister is simply trying to shift the blame for the pandemic from himself and his Government onto the British public. It is far more convenient for him to say that the British people are too apathetic to be vaccinated, than for him to take responsibility as Prime Minister for the Government’s chaotic and shambolic response to the pandemic since 2020.

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