Bucks workability

The BucksWorkability website was set up by the NHS Head Injury Service in 2009. By 2013, changes to NHS funding meant it was at risk of closure and it was also very out of date. BuDS took over the site and our team of volunteers updated it.

The site now provides:

  •  information and support for disabled people, carers, employers and others
  •  information on organisations within Buckinghamshire concerned with employment and support for disabled people
  •  information on relevant legislation and benefits.
  • a resource for employers, professionals working in the area of disability, carers of people with disabilities and disabled people themselves to access information and support.

However, there is still a lot which needs to be added to the site and BuDS is talking to the NHS, Bucks CC and the DWP about how it can be developed and expanded.

Could you help us with this project? Volunteer your time by contacting us.