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Benefits and Financial Support

Benefits Information

There are a number of organisations, such as Citizens Advice  which are expert in assisting individuals with accessing and claiming appropriate benefits. Use the link on the menu to the right to find out more.  Unfortunately, BuDS  is not licenced to help individuals with their own benefit applications or appeals, so we can only provide more general “information”.

BuDS volunteers post regularly in several Facebook groups about changes to disability benefits, especially how the courts are interpreting PIP law. This work means that thousands of disabled people get better information to help them claim the support to which they are entitled.

Benefit changes

BuDS is the only disability charity in Buckinghamshire which has the Government’s ‘welfare reform’ changes at the top of its agenda. We know that these are having a huge impact, usually adverse, on disabled people.  We believe that many disabled people will lose financially and that, if they are unable to make up their lost income, there may well be knock-on effects on their ability to live independently, and for other services they use, such as the NHS, and social care. For that reason, we have been doing our utmost since 2010 to protect disabled people from the worst impact of these changes.

As part of its commitment to supporting disabled people, BuDS  has held over 50 free information events throughout Buckinghamshire to help disabled people, their carers, and professional support workers understand the changes to disability benefits and how the changes will affect them. These events have now been paused but you can download a copy of the last presentation from the menu link.

BuDS is proud to work with Disability Rights UK and RightsNet in its benefit work.

Help Us to Help You

We are always working on providing more and better information for disabled people.  Please consider if you could volunteer to help us with this work, or make a donation to support it.