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Benefits and financial support

 Disabled people will be aware that the Government has been making changes to the support and benefits that disabled people often rely on, as part of a programme of what it calls “Welfare Reform”. These changes are having an impact, often adverse, on disabled people in Buckinghamshire.  We believe that many of them will lose financially, and that if they are unable make up the lost income, there may well be knock-on effects on their ability to live independently, and for other services they use, such as the NHS, and social care.

See the menu on the right for links to general information about Social Security benefits and other financial support available for disabled people.

 While BuDS is happy to provide information about social security benefits intended for disabled people, we are unfortunately not licenced to help individuals with their own benefit applications or appeals, as these will depend on their individual circumstances. There are other organisations, such as Citizens Advice Bureaux which are already expert in doing this.

As part of its commitment to supporting disabled people, BuDS has held series of information events,  throughout Buckinghamshire to raise awareness among disabled people, their carers, and professional support workers about benefits and how the changes will affect them.  Benefits update:  summary presentation

  • Benefits are Changing is a Buckinghamshire County Council leaflet (Feb. 2013) about the changes to Social Security benefits.   N.B. Some dates have changed since publication of the leaflet.

BuDS is proud to work with Disability Rights UK in its benefit work.

We are working on providing more and better information for disabled people.  You may like to volunteer to help us with this work, or make a donation to support it.