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Attitudes towards disabled people and hate crime

  • by beseen
  • 3 years ago

BuDS is here to defend the interests of disabled people in Buckinghamshire. One of the ways we can do that is by supporting local disabled people who suffer from disability hate crime (a disability hate crime is any form of abuse or attack, whether spoken or physical, because of your disability).

We know that disabled people face prejudice and hatred on a everyday basis. In a recent survey, 4% of disabled people said they had been physically attacked and 16% of disabled people had had people act aggressively or in a hostile way towards them. We also know that hardly anyone ever reports such crimes to the police.


How Else Does BuDS Help?

BuDS represents local disabled people on the Thames Valley Police Independent Advisory Group. We have strongly represented to the Group that local disabled people are suffering from many unreported attacks and we are urging the police to do more to encourage people to make complaints. We are also strongly pressing for more prosecutions and convictions of people who attack and abuse disabled people.

We work to increase understanding and acceptance of disability and reduce hostility. As part of our Welfare reform project (Benefit information), we are running 14 disability hate crime awareness sessions in libraries across Bucks. We have trained hundreds of local people in disability awareness through our Fair4All projects. We speak out publicly in support of disabled people, especially in the local media and on Twitter and Facebook.

BuDS is running two joint projects with Waddesdon School and Wycombe High School to design education posters for Blue Badge parking areas. The aim of these posters is to educate the general public about the need for these parking spaces and who is entitled to use them. By doing this, we hope to help prevent the disability abuse and attacks which can commonly occur here. The posters are being displayed with the support of community safety teams from Aylesbury Vale and Wycombe distract councils and Thames Valley Police.

BuDS is also a leading player in the Buckinghamshire Safe Places scheme, which is trying to set up a network of places across the County which disabled, older and other vulnerable people can use when they are out and about, for example if they are a victim of hate crime or harassment. We are also seeking to develop our own Fair4All Community quality mark which will build-on the Safe Places scheme.

BuDS Disability Hate Crime project receives no government or council funding as is completely reliant on the work of our volunteers and donations received. If you would like to donate to help BuDS work, please click here. If you’d like to volunteer to help this project, simply e-mail [email protected] Thank you!