April Update – Neurodiversity and Learning Disability

What is the Neurodiversity and Learning Disability Project?

It has long been recognised that people with Neurodiversity and Learning Disability often struggle to get their health and social care needs met. Which in turn may impact severely on people’s health and social life, which will ultimately effect their quality of life. This new project within BuDS helps to address some of these issues.

The Project aims to support both groups of people in their quest for Service Improvements and individuals who are struggling getting their own health and social care needs met.  Before the Pandemic, BuDS had been involved in challenging the decisions made by organisations, for example the closure of Thrift Farm, and as an organisation we want to restart this important aspect of our work.

In the near future, we will be putting out polls on social media, and will contact professionals, to identify the main issues impacting on individuals. We will then look at how we can work to bring about the changes needed. This might include lobbying, or meeting with appropriate organisations to try to raise awareness and resolve issues.

BuDS also works with individuals who suffer from discrimination because of their disability, and this project team will support people who are Neurodiverse or Learning disabled facing such discrimination.   

We realise that we can’t change everything, and we need to be realistic. But to be able to do anything WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please let us know of any Health and Social Care issues you are aware of and answer any polls which we put out.

Please contact us by email on annh@buds.org.uk to share any concerns that you may have. If you would like to volunteer on this important project, please contact us using the email above.