April Update – Fair4All Events

The Fair4All Events Project has been relaunched in the last couple of weeks and we are exploring ways to make events around the local area work for everyone involved in a safe environment.  We are currently staffed by existing members of BuDS working on other projects in the organisation and are seeking to expand the project with volunteers.

Our first priority is finding suitable storage space for our wide selection and stock of accessible and inclusive children’s games and activities, with the potential of a further area for our office requirements in the future.

We will be looking at producing a list of events in the local area to give advice & support to help make large events more accessible and inclusive for disabled and clinically vulnerable people to enjoy events safely.

The team will also be looking into whether we can partner with a reputable Mask provider to produce these with the BuDS logo, which event organisers could buy and distribute to their guests. 

The Fair4All Events project would also like to provide a portable viewing platform, whereby we have an agreement with the provider to book at a price for them to deliver to the event organiser.

We are excited to be back out and about supporting events around Buckinghamshire and look forward to seeing you all again soon.