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About us

Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS) is the only independent pan-disability user-led organisation (DPULO) in Buckinghamshire.

We are a charity established in 2003 which is run by disabled people for disabled people. The social model of disability is what we live by. Our aim is to make life easier for disabled people in Buckinghamshire by everything we do.

BuDS is non-political and non-partisan. We value our independence and do not accept core funding from any council or government body, although some of our projects are part-funded by statutory bodies. We are on the side of disabled people and will not hesitate to act and speak out in defence of disabled people in Buckinghamshire.


BuDS is a pan-disability membership organisation open to all disabled people in Bucks, regardless of their impairment. Membership is free and means you will have the opportunity to get involved with BuDS and receive valuable information from us.

E-mail [email protected] to be added to our membership and supporter database.


BuDS Trustees are disabled people and we aim to employ disabled people. All our volunteers are disabled, although we also value the contribution made by our non-disabled associate volunteers. Click here to find out more about working and volunteering for BuDS.

Our history

BuDS was founded as a charity in 2003. In March 2004, it began work as an umbrella organisation for local charities and voluntary organisations involved in the NHS-funded Disability Resource Centre at what is now the Brookside Clinic in Aylesbury. When the NHS stopped funding this Centre in 2007/8, BuDS received a small three-year grant from Bucks County Council (now finished) to help it create a replacement Centre for Independent Living and to set up a User-Led Organisation for Buckinghamshire.

After much detailed planning, BuDS appointed a Project Manager in early 2009 for the creation of a major independent Centre for Independent Living in Bucks, but all work stopped in summer 2009 when Bucks County Council said that it now no longer wished to pursue this project. Work to create a user-led organisation went forward under a Development Worker and, in early 2010, BuDS was reconstructed under a new Board of Trustees to become a truly independent user-led organisation run by disabled people for disabled people, rather than the umbrella body run by and for other local charities which it had been.

In summer 2010, Bucks County Council issued a tender inviting companies and groups to create what it called a User-Led Organisation. BuDS examined this tender and felt that the so-called ULO sought by the Council was in reality no more than a ‘tick-box’ body designed to enable the Council to meet its obligations to central government to consult and involve disabled people. BuDS therefore decided not to get involved in this tender in order to avoid compromising its independence and ability to address disabled people’s real concerns.

Disability consultation

In 2010, BuDS carried out a major consultation with disabled people in Bucks to determine its priorities and areas for action. The BuDS AGM in November 2010, at which over 120 local disabled people were present, gave Trustees a mandate to tackle four key issues; disability benefit changes, employment for disabled people; disability access and accessibility; and discrimination and hate crimes. With the addition of the Paralympic Legacy, these are still the areas of work for BuDS today.

Policies and reports

Policies and reports will be uploaded shortly. If you are looking for specific information please get in touch.