About Reach4Work

We have created the Reach4Work scheme specially to support jobseekers. 

In Reach4Work, we create a volunteer role within BuDS which suits you and which helps you to reach your work goals, whether that is getting working experience, learning new skills, moving a step closer to work, or helping you move from BuDS into a new job. The BuDS organisation includes people with both physical and mental health conditions, autism and ADHD and many professional volunteers. This creates a wealth of learning opportunities.

By volunteering alongside other disabled people, you will gain experience, training and employment related advice. You will learn about remote working, collaborative software and flexible working practices and learn vital work skills for the “new normal”. You can volunteer at your own pace. We have volunteers working at every level within the charity, even as a new volunteer there are opportunities to quickly make a big impact that will impress future employers. We also have an extensive network to help you find paid work.

To find out more about the Reach4Work scheme, please visit the Reach4Work website using the button below.